Issue 05: Epub edition

Type: Epub Editions
Price: $2.00


Issue 05 was published in the Spring of 2013.

Original Fiction by Terese Svoboda, Lee Johnson, Virginia Reeves, Earle McCartney, Norman Lock, Amy Brill, and Anne Swärd

Poetry by Peggy O’Brien, Jon Thompson, Beryten Beytenbach, Ian Maclellan, Lawrence Raab, Jordana Rosenberg, Mo Fei, Yang Jian, Cat McLaughlin, David Lehman, Cralan Kelder, Giampiero Neri, Alexei Tsvetkov, Pablo Neruda, and Denise Duhamel

Essays by Claire Messud, Karen Latuchie, E.A. Farro, and Gregory Curtis

Images and Artwork by Kate McLean and William Hogarth with introductions by Amy Sande-Friedman

Neon CRM by Neon One