Issue 03: Kindle edition

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Issue 03 was published in the Spring of 2012.

Featuring fiction by Stephen O’Connor, Robin McLean, Gabriel Brownstein, and Katherine Hill;

Poetry by Ishion Hutchinson, Angela Veronica Wong, Amy Lawless, Miguel-Angel Zapata (translated by Loren Goodman and Anthony Seidman), Cynthia Hogue, Karen Chase, Avram Kline, Norman Lock, Tess Taylor, Curtis Bauer, Jane Satterfield, Jock Doubleday, Manohar Shetty, Peter Jay Shippy, Emma Gorenberg, Susan Briante, Michael Joyce, Ben Mazer, Victoria Redel, Denis Hirson, Brad Leithauser, Seth Perlow, and Rachel Hadas;

Essays by Bret Anthony Johnston, Rolf Potts, and Patrick Stine; and

A collection of 18th-century maps curated by Michael Kelly.



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