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Issue 26 (released 11/06/2023)

Print Edition

Including a portfolio co-edited by Miguel M. Morales, featuring art and writing from the immigrant farmworker community:

Fiction by Helena María Viramontes, Leo Ríos, and Julio Puente García (translation by Jennifer Acker).

Essays by Amanda Mei Kim, Ellyn Gaydos, Aidee Guzman, and Nora Rodriguez Camagna.

Poetry by Miguel M. Morales, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Julián David Bañuelos, Lizbeth Luevano, Gabriela Spears-Rico, Oswaldo Vargas, Aideed Medina, Gabriela Ybarra Lemmons, Lupe Mendez, and José Antonio Rodríguez.

Artwork by Narsiso Martinez.


Also featuring:

Stories by Nayereh Doosti, Sebastian Romero, and Amar Mitra (translated By Anish Gupta).

Essays by Sam Spratford and Vix Gutierrez.

Poetry by Joshua Burton, Kerry James Evans, Rickey Laurentiis, Marc Vincenz, Catherine Staples, Ned Balbo, Virginia Konchan, Lawrence Joseph, David Lehman, Oksana Maksymchuk, Jonathan Moody, Jennifer Franklin, R. Zamora Linmark, Julia Lisella, and Maria Terrone.


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