Issue 12: Epub Edition

Type: Epub Editions
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Issue 12 (released 11/07/2016)

Epub edition

New fiction by Emily Chammah, Elvis Bego, Sean Bernard, Vladislava Kolosova, Elizabeth Poliner, Joseph Kertes, and Clare Beams.

Poetry by Erica Dawson, Max Freeman, Dolores Hayden, Valerie Duff, Denise Duhamel, Julie Marie Wade, Ishion Hutchinson, Wyatt Townley, Peter Schmitt, Timothy Liu, J. D. McClatchy, Karen Chase, Robert Bagg, and Kevin O'Connor. 

New poetry translations from Serhiy Zhadan (translated by Ostap Kin) and Humberto Ak'abal (translated by Loren Goodman).

Essays by Anna Badkhen, Ralph Sneeden, W. Ralph Eubanks, and Susan Straight.

Collage by Akwe Amosu.

Art by Rico Gatson.

Neon CRM by Neon One